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Travis A. Alvarez, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Psychology
Cognitive & Neuroimaging Tools; Neural Circuitry; Learning
Melinda Ciccocioppo
Lecturer, Psychology
Social-Cognitive Processes within Romantic Relationships; Gender
Jennifer Cousins, Ph.D.
Lecturer II, Psychology
Social & Biological Changes of Sleep During Development; Emotion Regulation
Jennifer Ganger, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Psychology
Language Acquisition
Barbara Kucinski, Ph.D.
Lecturer II, Psychology, Psi Chi National Honors Society, University of Pittsburgh Chapter, Faculty Advisor, Panther Psychology Club, Faculty Advisor
Principles of Learning; Biopsychological Processes; Pedagogy
Cynthia Lausberg, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, A&S, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Sybil Streeter, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Advising, Psychology
Robert H Wozniak, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Psychology
History of Psychology; Communication; Development; Autism Spectrum Disorder

Graduate Students

Michelle Colvin
Katherine Hails
Kirsten McKone
Christie Musket
Petra Rupert
Lindsay Taraban