Julie Fiez, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department Chair, Department of Psychology, Learning Research and Development Center


Reading and Language Laboratories

Graduate Student Advisees:

Travis Alvarez

Josh Tremel

Education & Training

  • PhD, Washington University at St. Louis

Research Interest Summary

Cognitive and educational neuroscience of reading, language, math, and learning.

Research Interests

My lab relies upon a broad-based and interdisciplinary cognitive neuroscience approach to address questions that fall within two predominant strands of research. One strand is focused on the neural basis of language processing. Topics of interest include the articulatory and phonological codes involved in verbal working memory, and the ways in which different writing systems influence the representation and processing of orthographic information. A second strand is focused on basic learning systems in the human brain. We are especially interested in how cognition may be optimized by reinforcement learning signals mediated by the basal ganglia and error-correction signals mediated by the cerebellum.

Representative Publications

Ravizza, S.M., Delgado, M.R., Chein, J.M., Becker, J.T., & Fiez, J.A. (2004). Functional dissociations within the inferior parietal cortex iin verbal working memory. NeuroImage, 22, 562-73.

Perfetti, C. A., Liu, Y., Fiez, J., & Tan, L-H. (in press). The neural bases of reading: The accommodation of the brains reading network to writing systems. In P. Cornelissen, M. Kringelbach, & P. Hansen (Eds.), The neural basis of reading. Oxford University Press.

Nelson, J.R., Liu, Y., Fiez, J., & Perfetti, C.A. (2009). Assimilation and accommodation patterns in ventral occipitotemporal cortex in learning a second writing system. Human Brain Mapping, 30, 810-820.

Liu, Y., Dunlap, S., Fiez, J., & Perfetti, C. (2007) Evidence for neural accommodation to a writing system following learning. Human Brain Mapping, 28, 1223-1234.

Wilson, S. J., Sayette, M.A., & Fiez, J.A. (2012). Quitting-unmotivated and quitting-motivated cigarette smokers exhibit different patterns of cue-elicited brain activation when anticipating an opportunity to smoke. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 121, 198-211. DOI: 10.1037/a0025112.

Wilson, S. J., Sayette, M.A., Delgado, M.R., & Fiez, J.A. (2008). Effect of smoking opportunity on responses to monetary gain and loss in the caudate nucleus. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 117, 428-434.

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Wilson, S.J., Sayette, M.A. & Fiez, J.A. (2004). Prefrontal responses to drug cues: A Neurocognitive analysis. Nature Neuroscience, 7, 211-214.

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