Supervised Field Placement

Declared psychology majors enrolled in Supervised Field Placement (PSY 1900) earn credit for volunteer work in a supervised setting which has been approved by the Department of Psychology. The purpose of this course is to provide practical experience related to other coursework in the department, and to help students determine a career path to pursue. Sites on the approved list are the only places where students may "intern" and receive PSY credit for their work.

This opportunity is particularly beneficial when determining if you truly are interested in the day-to-day workings of a particular field.  If you are interested in pursuing PSY 1900, be sure you review this guide to understand the prerequisites and requirements.  Once you determine that an internship/field placement is an appropriate choice for you, follow these Steps to Securing a PSY 1900 Supervised Field Placement:

  1. Discuss site specific choices aligned with your career goals with your psychology advisor.
  2. Locate and apply for an internship position following the specific steps listed on each site's description page. 
  3. If positions are available, the Site Supervisor will offer you an interview. At that time, discuss with the Site Supervisor the number of hours you are desiring for placement according to the number of credits you are seeking. If accepted for an internship, the Site Supervisor will work with you to create a schedule to complete the number of hours required for credit.
  4. Once accepted for a placement, you will need to complete the Learning Agreement with the Site Supervisor. You are responsible for providing the Learning Agreement form to the Site Supervisor, in person, not via email. The Site Supervisor will complete page 2 of the agreement, sign it and then return it to you. This completed form is required in order to register for PSY 1900.
  5. Make two copies of the signed learning agreement and bring those along with the original copy to the Psychology Advising Office, 3113 Sennott Square to be processed either during walk-in hours, or by appointment with your advisor. The permission code for self-enrollment in PSY 1900 will then be provided.  One copy of the learning agreement will be for your records, one for the site supervisor and the original will remain in the Psychology Advising Office.
  6. You will be required to review and sign the placement guidelines and professionalism expectations while in our office obtaining a permission number.  However, you may to review them prior going to the advising office.
  7. In order to earn credit you will be required to submit mid-term and end-of-term journal as well as min-term and end-of-term evaluations as the academic component to complete your internship experience.  All forms will be available on CourseWeb once the term begins. 

Please be aware that because of the nature of psychological or clinical social service work, undergraduate psychology students are not permitted to provide any direct client/patient services. The provision of psychological or counseling services requires a graduate level degree due to state licensing and healthcare provider regulations.  You should not expect to have unsupervised client/patient contact or to be trained to provide any type of counseling or therapy services as part of a field placement.

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