CAMeL (Community for Advanced Methodological Learning)


What is CAMeL: CAMeL is a student-run group based in the Pitt Psychology department, in collaboration with CMU Psychology, focused on broadening and deepening our knowledge about advanced quantitative methodology. 

Who is CAMeL: We encourage scholars of all levels (including students, post-docs, staff, and faculty) and departments to join and contribute as often as desired.

Contact: Please feel free to contact the student organizers or faculty mentors below with any questions or to be added to the listserv. If you have an area of methodological interest or expertise on which you’d like to present, we’d love to hear from you!


Student Organizers 

Delainey Wescott:

Kristina Dickman:

Fiona Horner:

Roderick Seow:

Faculty Mentors 

Rebecca Reed, PhD: 

Aidan Wright, PhD: 


Fall 2022 Schedule (Tuesdays noon-1pm EST) 

Sep 13: Stats Study Hall 

Oct 4: Philipp K. Masur, PhD Exploring the Multiverse: One Data Set, but a Thousand Ways to Analyze it?

Oct 11: Stats Study Hall

Oct 25: Caitlin Tenison TBD

Nov 1: Cedric Scherer, PhD Data Visualization

Nov 8: Adriane Soehner, PhD Regularized regression for sparse predictors

Nov 15: Andrew Gerlach, PhD Higher Criticism