Frequently Asked Questions

Students with transfer work from another college or university should be aware that some transfer courses may not satisfy the psychology major requirements. Specifically, transfer courses in Research Methods Lab (PSY 0037), and Cognitive Psychology Lab course (PSY 0423) may not have included the requisite writing and laboratory components. Students with transfer work they would like to have evaluated should complete a petition form and return it to their advisor. If you are not a declared psychology major you can return your petition to the Advising Office during walk-in hours.

Students who did not complete the research participation requirement for Introductory Psychology, and thus received an incomplete grade (G) in that course, should visit this page for instructions on how to handle their problem. Doing otherwise may cause long delays in getting the (G) grade changed.

Twelve credits in any other School of Arts and Sciences department is acceptable for a related area. We recommend that you take your career goals into consideration when making a decision about your related area.

See the registration information on our Services page.

You will need to meet with your assigned advisor for a pre-registration appointment. It is best to do this early in the semester in order to be prepared for your enrollment appointment. Advisors are available throughout the year to discuss course planning, internships, directed research opportunities, the honors program, career options, and graduate training. 

The undergraduate advising office is located at 3113 Sennott Square. The Advising Office will be open Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 3:00 PM during the fall and spring term and Tuesday and Thursday's from 10-2 during the summer. Appointments are highly recommended. 

Your assigned adivsor will have available time in Navigate Student/Pathways. If you're not yet declared, please stop by our virtual drop-in time to discuss.

Virtual drop-in is available Monday – Friday 11:00AM – 1:00 PM during the fall and spring terms and Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer. Meetings are generally no longer than 5 minutes; this is to ensure quick service to all students with drop-in type needs. If your questions require additinal time the drop-in advisor will be happy to help you schedule an appointment.

Yes, in fact we encourage it. For more information, please see the Study Abroad Office.

PSY majors are required to take ALL courses used to fulfill the major requirements for a letter grade; the S/NC grade option may not be used for PSY major courses (with the exception of PSY 1900, 1903, and 1907 which are may be graded on an S/NC basis).

Below are the steps for resolving a undergraduate grade dispute that is not a dispute about academic integrity.

  • Students who disagree with an instructor over a grade should speak to the instructor.
  • If the discussion between the student and the instructor does not resolve the issue, the student should next meet with the Department Chair.
  • If the grade issue still remains unresolved, the student should meet with the Assistant Dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies who is responsible for grade disputes.
  • The Assistant Dean will investigate the concerns with the student, the instructor, and the Department Chair, and make a decision regarding the grade dispute. This decision is final.

If a grade dispute involves a possible Academic Integrity Violation, please see the Academic Integrity Code check with Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Andrew Lotz.