Biological & Health Program


Chair: Thomas W. Kamarck, PhD

Biological and Health Program Faculty

Application Deadline: December 1

Graduate students who are admitted into the Biological and Health Psychology Program will have the opportunity to engage in research in any of five general areas of concentration: Psychoneuroimmunology and Behavioral Oncology, Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine, Addiction and Psychopharmacology, Lifestyle and Health Behaviors, and Health Neuroscience and Neurobehavioral Genetics.

The program strongly emphasizes research training and students are expected to develop skills needed to serve as independent investigators in health psychology. The curriculum places emphasis on:

  • The effects of psychological and behavioral factors on health outcomes, with a focus on the biological mechanisms potentially mediating these relationships.

  • The use of multimethod and multilevel approaches for assessing and evaluating such relationships.

The program allows for intensive study in basic or clinical research and has a joint Clinical/Health Psychology track for students who want to obtain clinical psychology training. Research opportunities are the same in both tracks, and most faculty in the program share broad interests as well as more focused research and clinical activities.

Program Requirements

Biological and Health Psychology Program Courses

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