The Children’s Institute

"In group therapy I’m a younger, less authoritative presence to help calm the younger patients and help them open up. In the functional feeding meals I participate in I’m often another distraction to keep meals more fun and give a gentle guiding nudge back to their food if they get off track. Also, overall I’m a means of the therapists’ sharing the knowledge of their trade. "

Therapy Services
1405 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Contact Person:
Erin Murray, MS, LPC

Areas of Interest:

Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Psychology related to providing services for Functional Feeding Disorders, Prader-Willi Syndrome, R.N.D. pain disorders, behavioral disorders, psychiatric disorders, developmental disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.


Students will have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of clinical experiences including group therapy sessions, parent training sessions, admission and discharge meetings, therapeutic meals, biofeedback and relaxation training, neurological assessments, developing and implementing behavior plans, Functional Feeding assessments, treatment planning meetings and interdisciplinary staffings. More clinically seasoned students may have the opportunity to conduct individual therapy sessions and take a more active role in psychology services.

Students will also assist in the daily functioning of the Psychology Department related to feeding therapy preparation, program maintenance, administrative tasks, data collection and tasks associated with behavioral interventions. Depending on their individual interests, students will have the opportunity to observe therapy sessions conducted by other disciplines including Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and Physical Therapists. Students are welcome to attend any of the internal educational seminars offered at The Children's Institute.

Whenever possible, attempts will be made to accommodate a student’s individual interests in the internship. With a wide variety of clinical opportunities, we find that students who are self-driven and able to identify clinical opportunities they would like to partake in are most successful at our site.

Duties of Students:

Participate as a team member with other professionals and interns

Exhibit professionalism at The Children's Institute related to punctuality, reliability, appropriate dress, strong work ethics and professional interactions with patients, families, and staff

Additional Site Requirements:

  • Email contact person listed above with letter of interest (stating that you are a Psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh interested in the internship) and resume.
  • PSY 1205 Abnormal Psychology is recommended, but not required
  • Act 33 Clearance:  PA Child Abuse Form
  • Act 34 Clearance: PA Criminal Record Check
  • Act 73 Clearance: FBI Background Clearance
  • Students must be committed to working through the end of the semester (excluding finals week)
  • Students must submit a resume to email address above to initiate the application process
  • Students must be a junior or senior to apply

Terms offered:

Fall, spring and summer

Number of Students:

3-4 for fall and spring term 
2 for summer term