Directed Research

Directed Research (PSY 1903) is an opportunity for students to get involved with research under the supervision of a faculty member of the psychology department. This experience is particularly valuable for students interested in pursuing honors in psychology and/or graduate study in psychology. If you are interested in pursuing PSY 1903, make sure you meet the pre-requisites, then follow steps to securing a PSY 1903 position.

It is important to note there are a number of funding opportunities for students who want to pursue research projects, whether as part of an honors project, BPhil, or for an independent project.

How our students benefit from their directed research experience:

"I have been able to apply the theory I have learned in class to real life research and begun to understand why they are important and how the different aspects function. It has also provided me with an insight into what types of research I am interested in for the future."

"Undergraduate directed research has been a great benefit to my psychology major. This lab combines the information that I have learned in my core curriculum classes with practical research application which we learned in Research Methods. It is interesting to see these concepts being tested off of paper, and solidifying these concepts."