Advanced Directed Research Course (ADRC) - PSY 1064

Course Overview

The Advanced Directed Research Course (ADRC) is a three-credit course that combines the lab experience of Directed Research with an Advanced Research Methods Lab course.  It is designed to provide an enhanced directed research experience and to fulfill the Psychology Major requirement for an advanced lab.  

Requirements: Completion of Research Methods (PSY 0035 OR PSY 0036 and PSY 0037) AND Directed Research Experience 

This three-credit course is designed to supplement the directed research experience so as to satisfy the Psychology Major requirement for a Laboratory Methods course.  Instead of students enrolling in a second semester of Directed Research (PSY 1903/1907), students can meet the Laboratory Methods course requirement by enrolling in PSY 1064 while continuing to work for a second semester in the same research lab with the same faculty research mentor as though they were enrolled in 1903/1907.  To enroll in PSY 1064, students must complete an Advanced Directed Research Course (ADRC) agreement in conjunction with the ADRC instructor and the faculty research mentor.  In addition to the required coursework, there is an expectation that students will complete their required lab tasks while enrolled in PSY 1064. Failure to meet this expectation will affect students’ final grade for this course. 

Students enrolled in ADRC will share the theoretical and methodological practices from their labs with their fellow students.  This will allow students to gain a more in-depth view of psychological research across different domains of psychology.  With the approval of the Directed Research mentor, students may also share and discuss the research projects that they are conducting in their labs.


Students must meet with the Directed Research mentor and the ADRC faculty instructor, Jennifer Cousins,, before receiving a permission number to register for the ADRC course.  Only the first 15 students to receive permission numbers will be allowed to enroll.

Here are the instructions to register for PSY 1064

1. Download the ADRC Agreement Form
2. Complete the ADRC Agreement Form with your Directed Research faculty mentor and obtain the mentor’s signature (not that of the lab manager).
3. Email Dr. Cousins at, to set up an appointment to discuss the course and receive a permission number. 
4. Enroll in PSY 1064 through your Student Center via the portal.