Robert H Wozniak, Ph.D.

  • Associate Chair, Psychology

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interest Summary

History of Psychology; Communication; Development; Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research Interests

Communicative behavior in typical development and in children at heightened risk for an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis; history of psychology, history of early American psychology  with a particular focus on the life and work of pioneering developmental psychologist, James Mark Baldwin

Representative Publications

Wozniak, R.H., Leezenbaum, N.B., Northrup, J.B., West, K.L., & Iverson, J.M.  (2016).  The development of autism spectrum disorders: Variability and causal complexity.  WIREs Cognitive Science.

Iverson, J.M. & Wozniak, R.H. (2016).  Transitions to intentional and symbolic communication.  In D. Keen, H. Meadan, N. Brady, & J. Halled (Eds.), Prelinguistic and Minimally Verbal Communicators on the Autism Spectrum (pp. 51-72).  New York: Springer.

Wozniak, R.H. & Santiago-Blay, J. (2013).  Trouble at Tyson Alley: James Mark Baldwin's arrest in a Baltimore bordello.  History of Psychology, 16(4), 227-248.

Winder, B.M., Wozniak, R.H., Parlade, M.V., & Iverson, J.M. (2013).  Spontaneous initiation of communication in infants at low and heightened risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Developmental Psychology, 49(10), 1931-1942.

Nickel, L.R., Thatcher, A.R., Keller, F., Wozniak, R.H., & Iverson, J.M. (2013).  Posture development in infants at heightened versus low risk for autism spectrum disorders.  Infancy, 18(5), 639-661.

Wozniak, R.H. (2009).  Consciousness, social heredity, and development: The evolutionary thought of James Mark Baldwin.  American Psychologist, 64, 93-101.

Wozniak, R.H. (2009). James Mark Baldwin, professional disaster, and the European connection.  Rassegna di Psicologia, 26, 111-128.

Wozniak, R.H. (1999).  Classics in Psychology, 1855-1914: Historical Essays. Bristol: Thoemmes Press; Toyko: Maruzen Co., Ltd.

Wozniak, R.H. (1992). Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James. Bethesda, MD and Washington D.C.: National Library of Medicine and American Psychological Association.

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