Successful admission to the Department of Psychology graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh depends on many criteria:

  • Undergraduate academic record
  • GRE scores
  • The right match between student and faculty research interests

Admission to our program is highly competitive. Typically, more than 450 people apply for the 10 to 15 openings we have each year. Successful applicants usually have undergraduate GPAs of at least 3.4 and have scored in the160 range on Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE. Please note that higher scores in one area may compensate for a lower score in another. Often we are unable to admit qualified candidates because their research interests do not match those of our faculty, or because there is no opening in that area.

Undergraduate GPA: 3.4
Undergraduate Major: A degree in psychology is not required.
Undergraduate Coursework:

Applicants should have at completed at least 12 semester credits in psychology, including statistics and a laboratory course in research methods, and at least one year of college mathematics, preferably calculus.

Applicants to the clinical program must have completed one course in abnormal psychology.

Additional Qulifications: Additional research experience is highly desirable. Most applicants to the clinical program have had some research experience, as well as volunteer or undergraduate internship experience in a mental health facility.

Special note for International Applicants: The University of Pittsburgh has instituted a minimum requirement for English language testing scores. The required minimum TOEFL score of 90 (with at least a score of 22 in all of the four sections of speaking, listening, reading and writing) will be required for 2013-2014 applicants. The required minimum IELTS score is 7.0 (with at least 6.5 in each of its four sections).

Special note for Applicants to the Clinical Psychology Program: Consistent with Pennsylvania law, all students in the Clinical Psychology Program must satisfactorily pass required background checks that are intended to protect children from contact with individuals who have abused children or have been convicted of certain felonies (including drug felonies), as is further explained here: . FBI, Pennsylvania State Police, and Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearances must be completed during the fall term of the student’s first year. Students may not continue in the Clinical Psychology Program if they fail any of these background checks or decline to submit applications to obtain them. Cost of the clearances is to be covered by the student.

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