Worry, Anxiety, and Cognition

Supervising Faculty:

Dr. Lauren Hallion



Dr. Lauren Hallion



Area of Research:  Clinical psychology, anxiety disorders, worry and rumination, cognition-emotion interactions


Description of Research:

Our research aims to understand worry, anxiety, and related problems.  We are particularly interested in how cognitive factors like attention and concentration relate to the experience of worry and anxiety. The student will be involved in two studies.  The first study is an experiment where we will measure cognition and its relationship to worry and anxiety in the lab.  The second study is a meta-analysis, where we will closely review the literature on cognitive functioning and various aspects of anxiety.  For more information, visit our website at www.lhallion.com


Duties of Students:

Students will assist with study design, interact with participants, collect data, review the research literature, and interpret findings. 



Terms offered: fall, spring


Number of Students: 1