Registration Information

Enrollment appointments

  • Spring term 2184 enrollment appointments will begin Monday, October 30, 2017.
  • Registration is an online process.
  • The Registrar’s Office will place an academic advising hold on all student accounts (ADV advisement hold), which will be lifted after the student has met with his/her advisor for a pre-registration appointment.
  • Psychology majors have several options for pre-enrollment.  Please read through each of these options carefully to decide the right option for you.

Individual pre-registration appointments

Available to all psychology majors

  • In an individual pre-registration appointment, you will meet with your assigned advisor for approximately 30 minutes. During this time you will review your degree progress and discuss any course concerns and academic planning. 
  • After this appointment, your advisor will remove your ADV hold.
  • New majors are especially encouraged to schedule an individual pre-registration appointment for their first term.

Group pre-registration session

Available to all psychology majors

  • In a small group setting, students, along with their advisor, review dates, deadlines and important information about registration.
  • Each student will then meet briefly with their advisor to review their degree progress and sign their Distribution of Study sheet.
  • After this session, the advisor will remove your ADV hold
  • These groups are ideal for students who understand their remaining requirements.

Senior self pre-registration review

Only available to students who have earned at least 90 credits and are NOT new majors.

  • The deadline to submit the senior self pre-registration form in the Psychology Advising Office, 3113 Sennott Square, is Thursday, October 26, 2017 by 4:00pm.
  • Please email your advisor with your request if you prefer this option.
  • You will be required to complete a form outlining all of your remaining requirements which will then be submitted to the Advising Office.
  • Your advisor will review the form and if everything is completed correctly, your ADV hold will be lifted within 4 business days once your enrollment appointment begins.

Please call 412-624-4540 to set your pre-registration appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment and do not call to reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment time, when you call to reschedule, you will be rescheduled in a group pre-registration session.

For students who are studying abroad, email your advisor directly.