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General Education Requirements

As with all areas of the University, there are General Education requirements you will need to complete. Learn more about General Education Requirements » 

Psychology Degree Requirements

Psychology Degree Requirements »

In order to declare psychology as a major, you must:

  • Complete PSY 0010 Introduction to Psychology    AND
  • Complete one of the required statistics courses (STAT 0200, 1000 or 1100)     AND
  • Be enrolled in PSY 0036 Research Methods Lecture 
  • All required pre-requisite courses must be completed with a 'C' or better.  

To declare psychology or to add psychology to an existing major, please be sure to complete the Dietrich School Major, Minor, and Certificate Declaration Qualtrics form found on the Student Toolkit website.

Important note:

  • The declaration form will be active and available shortly before spring and fall term enrollment begins (October and March).
  • The deadline to declare a new major is the first Friday of each fall and spring terms.
  • Once this deadline has passed, the link to declare will be inactive until the next enrollment period.

All students should feel free to talk through any questions or concerns with a psychology advisor via virtual drop in, email, or by scheduling an appoinment

Remember: to earn a degree in psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, you must also meet the following general education requirements:

General Education Requirements for all fall, 2018 freshmen and beyond

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