Peoples Oakland

"I would absolutely recommend this facility to other students.  It really becomes somewhat like a home.  You get to know everyone and grow closer and closer to members and staff.  Also, you learn a lot about the mental health system and how people live with their various mental disorders."

Peoples Oakland
3433 Bates Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-683-7140 x 225

Contact Person:
Allison Haley

Areas of Interest:
Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work


Peoples Oakland is a non-profit organization serving adults with disabilities resulting from serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, major mood disorders, sometimes co-occurring with substance abuse or addiction. Peoples Oakland offers a program of psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation through individual and group counseling coupled with opportunities to interact with peers and the community. Services include social and recreational opportunities, services to help consumers choose, get and keep competitive community employment, recovery and wellness services that focus on mental, physical and spiritual health and supports for recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse or addiction.

Duties of Students:

Duties are related to the psychiatric rehabilitation and community support mission of the organization. Duties vary according to student interests and agency needs and can range from individual and group counseling, to program/project development, to outcome measurement in administrative and clinical roles.

Especially seeking interns interested in promoting health and fitness lifestyles, employment supports, or outcome measurement systems.

Additional Site Requirements:

  • Send e-mail letter of interest (stating that you are a Psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh interested in the internship) and resume to contact person
  • Sincere interest in working with adults with serious mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders

General Information:

Located within walking distance of Pitt’s Oakland campus.

Terms offered:


Number of Students:

1-2 per term