Goal Pursuit and Interpersonal Relationships

"The MSC lab is definitely giving me the opportunity to expand my horizons by being part of a team that is doing hands-on research in the field of psychology. It is an experience that I believe will be worthwhile in the end because it is really building up, challenging, and improving my skills and abilities in various areas; hence, as a psychology/neuroscience major, the MSC lab is providing me with invaluable credits and giving me the chance to take what I have learned in class and incorporate it in a real-life setting outside of the classroom."


Supervising Faculty:

Dr. Edward Orehek



Edward Orehek


Area of Research: Social Psychology


Description of Research:

Our lab has ongoing projects focusing on goal pursuit and interpersonal relationships. We are especially interested in (1) the way in which self-regulation strategies influence personal relationships; and (b) the way in which personal relationships influence goal pursuit.


Duties of Students:

Students will be involved in various phases of the research perform literature reviews, recruit research participants, serve as an experimenter, and manage data.


Additional Requirements:

  • 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Strong motivation to learn about psychological research
  • Responsibility, dependability, and ability to work independently
  • Relatively flexible schedule
  • Two semester commitment is preferred but not required


Terms offered: fall, spring and summer


Number of Students: 20