Women’s health behavior change; Obesity, eating behaviors and smoking cessation

"This experience has taught me the breadth and comprehensiveness of the analytical work involved in psychological research. Our study involved a number of steps that required precise organization to a higher degree than I thought psychological research would generally contain."


Supervising Faculty:

Michele D. Levine, PhD.



Michele D. Levine
Suite 606 Iroquois Bldg


Area of Research:  Clinical Psychology/Behavioral Medicine


Description of Research:

We are a clinical health behavior change laboratory and are involved in a variety of federally-funded studies related to obesity and smoking cessation. We are currently conducting a large, longitudinal research project investigating psychosocial and behavioral factors related to weight gain in pregnancy. We will also be initiating a laboratory study investigating the effects of food cues and taste on craving levels.


Duties of Students:

Students will gain experience in clinical research by participating in various aspects of the research process. Specifically, students will be responsible for preparing participant questionnaires, assisting in the collection of participant data, labeling data, photocopying, conducting literature searches, and entering and managing data. Additionally, students will engage in participant recruitment and running participants through laboratory study sessions to help collect data. Students also will be given the opportunity to observe various clinical and organizational aspects of the studies, including observing and listening to clinical interviews and attending study related meetings. Depending on the level of interest and ability, students may also have the opportunity to help with data analyses. Students should be available at least 2 days per week.


Additional Requirements:

  • GPA: 3.3 or better
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Class standing
  • Strong interest in clinical research
  • Computer experience
  • Two semester commitment required


Terms offered: fall, spring and summer


Number of Students: 2 or 3