Military Sleep and Trauma Studies

"Among many, here are a few things that I learned conducting psychological research: I better understand the importance of the Literature review. It allows being more knowledgeable and focused on the field that we chose; I understand the importance of ethics in psychological research; I became more familiar with research procedure and methodology; I also became familiar with the use of statistical software and data analysis in psychological research."


Supervising Faculty:

Anne Germain, Ph.D.



Anne Germain, Ph.D.


Area of Research:  Sleep, Clinical, Neuroscience


Description of Research:

Directed research students are needed on studies examining the impact of acute or chronic sleep deprivation on neural bases on cognitive processing, learning and memory, and reward processing in civilian and military participants. These studies investigate the brain function during sleep and wakefulness. Methods used include polysomnography, high density EEG, fMRI, psychophysiological records,  and self-report measures. In addition, these studies explore how early childhood experiences and genetics can influence resilience to sleep disruption. Students may also be involved in studies focusing on the development and testing of mobile health technology to monitor and treat sleep disturbances in service members and veterans.

If interested, please send your resume and a brief description of your interests to Dr. Anne Germain ( to apply.


Duties of Students:

Students will assist with recruiting participants; acquiring behavioral and imaging data; managing data; processing and analyzing data; creating graphs and figures; and conducting literature searches.  Students will attend research meetings, learn about the theoretical foundation for the studies, and be exposed to related research going on in the larger lab group.  Students will complete a paper or presentation by the end of the semester (fall) or present findings from an individualized project as a poster (spring).


Additional Requirements:

  • Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA and meet the other departmental requirements
  • 2-term commitment required
  • Military experience or interest in military service or military psychology and exposure to statistics are strongly preferred


Terms offered: fall, spring, and summer


Number of Students: 2