Social Life and Motivation

Supervising Faculty:
Dr. Edward Orehek
Edward Orehek
Area of Research: Social Psychology
Description of Research:
Our Social Life and Motivation Lab has ongoing projects investigating how people serve as means to one another’s goals. Specific research questions being pursued include: (1) How does goal pursuit influences interpersonal relationships? (2) How does one’s social life influence goal pursuit? (3) How can a people-as-means approach help us understand psychological well-being? Additional information can be found here:
Duties of Students:
Students will be involved in various phases of the research, including recruiting research participants, running participants in the lab, and managing data. 
Additional Requirements:
• 3.0 or higher GPA
• Strong motivation to learn about psychological research
• Responsibility, dependability, and ability to work independently
• Relatively flexible schedule
• Two semester commitment is preferred but not required
Terms offered: fall, spring and summer
Number of Students: 10