Preschooler Emotion Regulation in the Context of Maternal Borderline Personality Disorder

Supervising Faculty: Dr. Stephanie Stepp

Betsy Butler, PhD
Area of Research: Clinical - Personality
Description of Research: 
The Preschooler Study is a clinical trial with the goal to positively impact the emotional and social development of preschoolers whose moms have symptoms of borderline personality disorder.  Moms will receive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training for one year, with assessments of their preschool child’s emotion regulation and social development every 3 months, as well as assessment of the dyadic interactions of the mom and child.  This is a new study that will begin recruiting participants in the Fall of 2017 so this is an opportunity to be involved with a study from the beginning and may be especially interesting for students with an interest in early childhood. 
Duties of Students: 
• Data entry and data management
• Preparing forms for study visits
• Scanning data forms
• Assisting with preschooler assessments and mother-preschooler dyadic assessments, including free-play periods with the preschoolers
• Coding videotapes for behavioral constructs
• Processing physiological data collected during dyadic interaction tasks
• Attend staff meetings
• Readings to understand the conceptual and theoretical bases for this study
• Students must have a 3.5 GPA and meet the other departmental requirements
• 2 term commitment preferred
• Must obtain clearances for work with children (Act 33/34/73)
• CITI training for Undergraduate Student Researchers 
Terms offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Number of Students: 3
Additional Information: