Patricia Wong



About Me:

When I am not at work, I keep busy with my three cats and two dogs! I have traveled to parts of Europe and Asia with my family, and hope to continue traveling throughout other countries when I have the opportunity. Lately I have enjoyed oil painting, albeit at the novice level, and I love to cook, bake, and host meals with friends.

Faculty Advisor:

Stephen Manuck

Education & Training

  • B.A., Mount Holyoke College
  • M.S., University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in examining how sleep and circadian systems influence mood and cardiometabolic health. Thus far, I have examined this question using community-based samples and a range of methods including actigraphy-based and subjective measures of sleep and circadian characteristics, genetic association tests, and laboratory based measures of cardiometabolic factors. For example, my work has linked 1) individual variability in sleep duration to differences in glucose metabolism, 2) greater social jetlag (a form of circadian disruption) to greater cardiometabolic risk (i.e., more adiposity, insulin resistance, etc.), and 3) a variant in the melatonin receptor gene associated with glucose metabolism. Next, I aim to similarly examine how sleep and circadian characteristics impact mood and mood reactivity to environmental factors.