Kenneth Perkins, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine


Human Behavioral Pharmacology Labs

Our focus is on how behavioral factors influence the use and effects of drugs, especially nicotine, in humans.

Director: Kenneth A. Perkins, Ph.D.

E-1335 WPIC


Graduate Student Advisee

  • Joshua Karelitz

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Iowa

Research Interests

Effects of nicotine and smoking related to persistence of dependence, and improved cessation treatments.

Accepting Graduate Students


Representative Publications

Perkins, K.A., Lerman, C., Karelitz, J.L., Jao, N.C., Chengappa, K.N.R., & Sparks, G.M. Sensitivity and specificity of a procedure for early human screening of novel smoking cessation medications. Addiction, 2013, 108, 1962-1968.

Perkins, K.A. & Lerman, C.  An efficient early Phase 2 procedure to screen medications for efficacy in smoking cessation.  Psychopharmacology, 2014, 231, 1-11.

Karelitz, J.L, Michael, V.C., Boldry, M.A., & Perkins, K.A.   Validating use of internet-submitted carbon monoxide values by video to determine quit status.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2017, 19, 990-993.

Perkins, K.A., Kunkle, N., & Karelitz, J.L. Preliminary test of cigarette nicotine discrimination threshold in non-dependent versus dependent smokers.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2017, 175, 36-41. 

Perkins, K.A., Karelitz, J.L., & Boldry, M.A. Nicotine acutely enhances reinforcement from non-drug rewards in humans.  Frontiers in Psychiatry (Addictive Disorders section), 2017, 8, 65.

Perkins, K.A., Karelitz, J.L., & Kunkle, N.   Sex differences in subjective responses to moderate versus very low nicotine content cigarettes. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, in press.


Accepting Graduate Students