New Majors

It’s a great feeling when you’ve finally chosen the field that energizes and engages you. 

As a new major with us, we look forward to working with you. After you declare, you - along with all newly declared psychology majors - will be assigned a psychology advisor with whom you will meet for pre-registration appointments, academic issues, degree progress, experiential learning exploration, graduate school and career planning. This process takes place once a term in approximately the third week of each fall and spring term. Once you hear from your advisor, you will also be added to the psychology major email distribution list and start receiving e-announcements every Friday from our office account,

All new majors must complete the new major orientation and survey before meeting with assigned advisors for pre-registration. Still, anyone is welcome to schedule appointments with an advisor or visit virtual drop-in advising. While we are located in room 3113 Sennott Square, we are currently working mostly remote so virtual drop-in advising is the best way to get in touch with us or you can email us at Please keep in mind that the availability of appointments may be limited during the few weeks prior to enrollment each term.

In addition, as a newly declared psychology major with 85 or fewer credits, the Psychology Department offers you a one-credit undergraduate seminar. PSY 0011 Introduction to the Field is an interactive course that emphasizes what you can do with a psychology degree and how to make the most of your time as an undergraduate student to advance along your chosen path. The ideal student for this course is one who is somewhat undecided on a career after completion of the undergraduate degree or interested in becoming a more prepared candidate for graduate school or the work world. Because this course is so valuable in helping you to begin building your future, you are encouraged to consider this opportunity to focus on planning while developing valuable professional skills and relationships!

One final thing to keep in mind: all future communication from us will go to your Pitt e-mail address. 

Again, welcome to the Department of Psychology.  We look forward to meeting you!