Arithmetic Training to Improve Complex Math Performance

Supervising Faculty:
Christian Schunn

Allison Liu

Area of Research: Cognitive

Description of Research:
How can we use a cognitive neuroscience-based understanding of number cognition to improve people’s math skills? Our research project tests whether a simple training program can improve complex math performance of lower math-achieving college students, and whether we can explain this effect in terms of changes in how the mind represents numbers.

Duties of Students:
Run participants, record data, code data

Students must complete the following prerequisites before the start of PSY 1903*:
Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
12 credits of Psychology (including current term)
STAT 0200/1000/1100- Statistics
PSY 0035- Research Methods in Psychology

Terms offered: Fall

Number of Students: 4-5

Any Additional Information or Links: