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CNN calls upon the expertise of Karina Schumann, a faculty member in the social program, to report on the role of apologies in recent sexual misconduct cases. See Article

Congrats to Melissa Libertus, a featured researcher in Pittwire. Melissa is a faculty member in the Cognitive and Developmental Programs, with an internationally recognized program of research examining the development of math abilities and strategies for boosting math achievement. See Article.

Kudos to Jess Edelstein, a Psychology alum (A&S ’11). Jess is an inventor and entrepreneur who has built a multimillion dollar company that markets PiperWai, an aluminum-free, stain-free deodorant. She credits her Psychology degree with giving her the tools and knowledge needed to run a successful business, such as understanding research methods, motivating employees, and recognizing reactions to stress. It also helps that when she puts her mind to something, she makes it happen out of pure enthusiasm, passion, and stubbornness! See Article

Melinda Ciccocioppo was awarded one of the few Diversity in the Curriculum awards from the University for her hard work in transforming her Intro Psych class! The award was offered to faculty who made changes to a course in order to positively impact diversity and inclusion in the classroom.  Changes made to Melinda's course included coverage of research by female psychologists and psychologists of color who are often overlooked in Introduction to Psychology textbooks, as well as more in-depth discussions of gender and sexuality, prejudice, racial identity development, and multicultural approaches to therapy.  Audible gasps were heard when it was noted that she reaches over 1200 students per year. See Article

City of Pittsburgh achieved an excellent rating for LTGBQ friendly policies. See Article

The University of Pittsburgh has been awarded the 2017 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine. The honor recognizes higher education institutions that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. Pitt was one of only two institutions in the commonwealth chosen for the honor. See Article

GROUP Podcast - Thanks to Kathryn Roecklein, who took the time as a featured expert on the GROUP podcast about mental health and mental illness, to discuss seasonal affective disorder and light therapy treatment. See Article

Jana Iverson's work on the link between walking and language development in children with autism is featured in the latest issue of Spectrum, which highlights the latest developments in autism research. See Article

Congrats to the Office of Child Development, headed by Bob McCall, has been awarded the Chancellor’s University Prize for Strategic, Inclusive and Diverse Excellence (UPSIDE) Award. This is a major honor that recognizes the more than 30 years of community engagement that has immeasurably improved the lives of Pittsburgh children and families. See Article

Well done! Melissa Kukowski, who earned a B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience, has been named a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea. See Article