2018-2019 Hot Metal Bridge Fellows

Jermon Drake

Jermon is from Jackson, Mississippi and recently graduated from Millsaps College. He earned a B.A. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies with a minor in Psychology. Jermon is interested in clinical neuropsychology, particularly in structural and functional changes in the brain associated with aging, memory, and risk factors associated with development of neurodegenerative diseases. He will be working in Dr. Kirk Erickson’s lab.


Quentin King-Shepard

Quentin is from Cambridge, Massachusetts. His previous research examined the effects of animacy on survival processing. He is particularly interested in learning, transfer, novel problem-solving, degenerative memory and its effects on behavior, decision making during a cognitively demanding task while in a high-risk situation, mood manipulation and its therapeutic techniques for high-and low-calorie intake, and health wellness. During his time in the Hot Metal Bridge program, he will be working with Dr. Nokes-Malach on a project that examines embodied cognition within common physics misconceptions.


Brandy Nunez

Brandy is from Wyomissing, PA and graduated with a B.S. in psychology from University of Pittsburgh in 2018. She is interested in the relationship between SES and depression, and how it this association relates to cognition. During the Hot Metal Bridge program, she will be working in Dr. Roecklein’s Seasonal Affective Disorder Lab.